Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Through using social media websites and social bookmarking you will be able to send a link and description of your website to millions of Houston SEO viewers in less than a minute, for free!If you have just launched your website or just want to attract new web traffic, using social media websites and social bookmarking is a free and fast way of doing it. This article will focus on using these free resources as an advertising tool. I will cover social bookmarking, the most effective and time efficient ways of using social media, and which social media websites you will get the best results from.Social bookmarking is saving and sharing website links on the Internet, in other words, it is posting a website link to share on a social media website. If you have ever seen a website you thought was really cool and sent an email to a friend with the link to the website, or posted it on their Facebook, you have participated in social bookmarking. There are a variety of websites that allow people to submit links they want to share with either their friends on websites like Facebook, or share with the rest of the web on sites such as StumbleUpon.com and Reddit.com. These websites are always free to use and have a tremendous amount of web traffic each day.What you can do is submit your website or blog post links to these sites for the rest of the Internet to see and click on, directing new viewers to your website. With each submission you provide a short description and your link (URL). If your content appeals to those browsing the social media sites (as 10's of millions do each day) you will generate traffic to your website quickly.
There are now about 50 significant social media websites, and about another 1000 that are up and coming. Out of these top 50 there are Dallas SEO some "heavy hitters" (more than 1,000,000 visits per month) With each of these sites you must register (which is free) before posting. Most registration is extremely basic and can be done in a minute or less. You might ask about Facebook and MySpace, and why they not on the list. With these two sites making your profile can be a bit more extensive, and the content you share is only seen by your friends/contacts on those sites. Posting on these site can still prove to be beneficial as in most cases whatever your friends see of what you post, their friends see, and so on.You can easily spend hours and hours posting to these websites. This can become incredibly repetitive and boring very quickly, but instead of individually positing to each social media site there are alternatives. If you are running a or website blog through WordPress, Tumbler, or any of the other major blogging website providers there are add-ons/pluggins that will automatically forward your posts to social media sites you have accounts with. These can work well in some cases, and can be a bit finicky in others. What I recommend is using a third party website that does your mass posting for you. My favorite is OnlyWire.com. OnlyWire allows you to enter your account information for up to 50 social media sites and send it all out through one post. The setup process is very straightforward though can take a bit of time if you are using several social media accounts. OnlyWire has a free option which allows for up to 300 individual posts per month, or if you need more than that you can pay for one of their posting packages. Using sites like this you will be able to send a link and description of your site to millions of viewers in less than a minute.If you are in the flipping business, the part where you buy websites is only the beginning and the first of the three main sectors involved in the process. After you have bought the website, you need to improve its value and worth to make it more attractive to customers. Once you believe you have brought the website up to a standard you are happy with, it is time to sell your website. This is the third step in the process and is just as important as the other two if you want to turn in a profit.The best way to be successful when you attempt to sell your website is to have a strong advertising strategy. If you intend to only place it on advertising lists for website sales, you are likely to meet buyers who want something for nothing. After all, this is where you most likely bought the website you are now flipping so it makes to do more to prove its worth.Statistics are always important in showing the value of a website and attempting to get good Seo Consutant value when you sell your website. Showing the traffic rate and profitability when you bought the site and then the difference after you flipped it will go some way to proving its potential. Using analytical tools to show these figures can go a long way when looking to sell your website.As you know what it takes to build a website, many people decide to set up their own blogs or websites when attempting to sell your website. This gives them a chance to show the real benefits of the site and gives a greater opportunity to show the quality of the site in depth. If you are buying websites and then selling them in large numbers, this tactic can work extremely well.Search engines play a major role in bringing you the most targeted and qualified customer when it comes to organic traffic to your website. So to fully take advantage of search engines, it is important to understand how they work and how they help customers find your website through search.Most people are not aware but there are two types of search engines that visit your website and the most common type is by robots that are also known as crawlers or spiders.Spiders crawl in to your website to see what you have, and then it indexes them so people can find you when people search. When you submit your website through submission pages specifically for this reason, these spiders index your website into their database to retrieve when people search for certain keywords. Spiders are nothing more than an automated program designed by search engine system for investigation of your webpages. They read all the content posted, checks for the sites META tags, follows links that are connected to the website. After the spider retrieves all the necessary info to index, they take all the information found in your site and indexes your site by saving it into their central depository. Each link that is connected to your site is also visited by these spiders to report the relationship between the two sites. Some spiders only index few pages on your website so keep in mind the different algorithm for each search engine companies.These spiders frequent your website to see if any information has been changed or added since its last visit. The number of times the spider crawls in to your website is determined by the moderators of these search engines.The spider stores the website's table of content, the contents itself, links, and references of all the websites linked to it, and can index up to a million pages a day.When people type in a certain key word in search engines, it searches through the entire index which the robot stored and created in its database, instead of finding them on the web itself. Every search engine has its own different algorithm to search through these indexed sites so some sites have different ranking depending on where the search was made.One of the key features that a spider looks for is the frequency of the keywords and where they are placed on the web page. Its algorithm is also configured so that they can detect keyword stuffing done artificially which is also known as spamdexing. The crawlers checks how each link is related and analyzes each link to determine its relevancy. The algorithm can tell by comparing the sites to understand what the page is about by linking the keywords they find.It is important to remember that in order for your website to be found in search engines you will have to manually submit them in the beginning before they start recognizing activities on your webpages and really indexing your site into their database. Once you begin to frequently update your webpages and see an increase in steady traffic, the SEO Company in Toronto spiders will notice you more and more which helps your website to slowly bump up to the top of search results.